A Painting Of Words

Each and everyone one of us sees life through our own lens of the world. We interpret life through our experiences and assign meaning to these experiences based on our limited ways of understanding at any one given point in time.

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Wise Woman Wisdom – full stop.

This blog, in the form of a poem, offers insights into strength, connection, healing and self-reflection on who it is that is really limiting us to be truly content.

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Reflections on Synchronicity

We climb. One foot after the next. Steady and completely immersed in the moment. Watching the placement of each foot as it touches the rocky ground or layered leafy soil, alternately. We are guided by our inner sense of direction...and the technology of an application...

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Continuity & The Present Moment

Continuity. Life is an ever expanding cycle of continuous movement connected from one moment to the next by our thoughts, emotions and actions. I have been wanting to write on this concept for some time now, but it is only now that I feel that the words are ready to...

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The Essence of Yoga

The question ‘What is yoga?’ is one that I have been asked many times by others, and have also asked myself time and time again over the past twenty-eight years of my serious practice. I reflect back on the answers I have provided in that time, and notice how my...

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