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Sabrina’s first publication

“Mālā Of Words: Volume 1 – Poems for Self-reflection, Healing & Growth”

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With a talent for storytelling and metaphors flowing from the deepest level of her mind, Sabrina’s poems are powerful at awakening change within the reader. It is said that poetry forms a bridge from the unconscious to the conscious part of the mind, allowing emotions and thoughts to emerge for healing and deep self-reflection. The 27 poems contained within this first volume, which features 10 pieces of artwork by Loralee Newitt, are designed to invite communication and re-connection first and foremost with yourself, but also with others. Each piece of writing is designed for self-reflection and can be used as a tool for gaining insight into what is most important to you at this point in time, right in this moment. As you read each poem, allow your innermost voice to emerge and simply listen, so that you may hear what it is telling you about where you are at right now.


Excerpts from Mālā Of Words: Volume 1

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